1. Dr. Eli Jones

    Customer Relationship Management: Finding Value Drivers

    Despite significant interest from both academicians and practitioners, customer relationship management (CRM) remains a huge investment with little measured payback. Intuition suggests that increased management of customer relationships should improve business performance, but this intuition has only inconsistent empirical or real world support. To remedy this situation, this study identifies...
  2. Dr. Eli Jones

    The Attenuating Effect Of Role Overload On Relationships Linking Self-efficacy And Goal Level To Work Performance

    The reported research examines the moderating effects of role overload on the antecedents and consequences of self-efficacy and personal goal level in a longitudinal study conducted in an industrial selling context. The results indicate that role overload moderates the antecedent effect of perceived organizational resources on self-efficacy beliefs. They also...
  3. Dr. Eli Jones

    Firm Market Orientation And Salesperson Customer Orientation

    Interpersonal And Intrapersonal Influences On Customer Service And Retention In Business-to-business Buyer–seller Relationships Eli Jones, Paul Busch, Peter Dacin The authors examine the influence of a firm’s market orientation and salesperson customer orientation on buyer–seller relationships. Data from a national manufacturer’s sales force and retail trade customers were used to...
  4. Dr. Eli Jones

    The Big 5 Personality Traits

    Psychologists have studied the impact of certain personalities on job performance. The “Big Five” factors, as psychologists have called them, are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Conscientiousness is exemplified by being disciplined, organized, and achievement-oriented. Neuroticism refers to the degree of emotional stability, impulse control, and anxiety. Extraversion is displayed through...
  5. Dr. Eli Jones

    Your Sales Passport: Part 1

    Each passport tells a global sales story, which will feature some information about a sales organization and its activities in overseas markets.  The passports will also include some information about how salespeople must prepare for sales calls in nations around the world. Global Storyline:  Establishing salesforces in foreign countries is...

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