Selling ASAP is a book that bridges sound academic research and solid business practices to explain the art and science of professional selling.

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  1. Angela

    The Four Social Styles

    When it comes to selling, it’s important to know what social style your prospective client is. By accommodating your prospect’s social style, you will not only effectively capture the prospect’s attention, but you will connect with the prospect on a deeper level, improving your sales. There are four social styles,...
  2. Angela

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

    When it comes to selling, it is important to make a connection with the prospect. One of the best ways to understand the buyer is to uncover his wants and needs. One of the most frequently referenced models is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A staple in the field of psychology,...
  3. Dr. Eli Jones

    In Honor of the Great Zig Ziglar

    The SellingASAP team extends our deepest condolences to the Ziglar family. We pray for comfort and peace in this time of grief. The amazing inspirational legacy of Zig Ziglar will live perpetually through sales professionals around the world!
  4. Dr. Eli Jones

    Motivational guru Zig Ziglar dies at 86

    Zig, you will be missed and never forgotten. CNN: Motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar died Wednesday in Dallas “after a short bout with pneumonia,” his spokesman said. He was 86. “Zig Ziglar passed from this world today after a short bout with pneumonia. Though his time on earth has ended,...
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“I wanted to thank you again for sending a copy of your book, Selling ASAP, last spring after I was fortunate enough to be named the 2013 National Collegiate Sales Competition undergraduate winner. Your research and innovative sales techniques have been extremely helpful, so much so that I returned to the competition and won the graduate level of NCSC just last week. With your help, I improved my needs identification questions and learned how to better approach a close. I took your book to every sales practice and referenced it throughout the entire process. Thank you again for guidance.”

- Mykayla Goodwin


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Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance is a book that combines both timely and time-less components of selling to help professionals achieve their sales objectives in today’s fast-paced business world. With practical tips and innovative sales techniques, this invaluable guide stresses the importance of viewing a sale not as a one-time encounter, but as an opportunity to build a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

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